to the story.

An overview of the big picture elements in your story. An analysis of plot, structure, and character development. For writers who need big things done fast.

A detailed analysis of your manuscript. This edit delves into the finer points of the story. We work on detailed character development, plot structure within chapters, dialogue, and more. 

The final polish. A line by line edit to correct spelling, grammar, and syntax. For manuscripts that are one step away from being submitted.  

For feature length screenplays of any genre. Receive a detailed analysis of your script including plot, character, structure, dialogue, pacing and tone. 

About Chancery Editing

I founded Chancery Editing so I could provide personal editing services to new and aspiring authors. I work for publishing companies as well as independent authors who write literary fiction. In addition to my experience with traditional manuscripts, I have been reviewing and working with feature-length screenplays for six years. I have been a reader for the international BlueCat Screenplay Competition since 2014. When I am not editing, I am working with scripts on film sets. I provide screenplay analysis to screenplay writers and authors who wish to convert their original prose stories into screenplays. My goal is to surround myself with stories and dedicated authors who want to write them. I am a team player in everything I do and I can't wait to work together. 

I received my Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University with a major in English and a major in Cinema, and a minor in Creative Writing. I have also taken advanced editing courses from the respected Editorial Freelancer's Association. 

Jennifer belongs to  & works with these organizations

Editorial Freelancers Association
Blackbird: online literary journal
Bluecat International Screenplay Competition

The name 'Chancery' comes from the Chancery Standard which was developed in England circa 1430. Many languages were used for record-keeping at that time including Latin and French. The English language was still morphing and developing rapidly. The English Government began using English to keep official documents in place of all other languages. By doing so, they inadvertently created a uniform standard. This came to be known as the Chancery Standard. This standardization of English had an immense influence in developing the English most of us speak today. 


"The proof reading and editing services provided by Jennifer were top notch; professional and timely. I will definitely use these services again."

-Alex Bennett, author of the novel The Girl and the Star, the Dog and the Moon